Zebra Mussel Veliger Testing


Moriya Rufer Director of Client Services moriyar@rmbel.info

Moriya Rufer
Director of Client Services

Zebra mussels have become a large threat to our lakes, and early detection can prevent the spread to other water bodies.  Our staff can collect zebra mussel veligers in the field, identify them in the lab, and train volunteers in field collection.

Zebra mussels are detected by looking at the water under a microscope.  For non-infested lakes, we recommend sampling three sites per lake but compositing the sample.  In non-infested lakes, reporting will be presence/absence.  In infested lakes, we provide a sample count per liter.

Monitoring Details

We will supply sample bottles and lake maps of recommended testing sites for all clients.  A data sheet and standard lab chain of custody must accompany all samples submitted to the laboratory.  You can print these data sheets from the links below.

Early Detection Monitoring for an Uninfested Lake

Zebra Mussel Veliger Monitoring in an Infested Lake